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 Research in our group is directed toward the integration of “Nano”, “Bio”, and “Chem” at femtoliter, attoliter, and single molecule scales through nanofluidics. We continue to involve the study and development of novel nanofluidic methods and devices for single cell omics, single molecule chemistry, biomaterials, nanomedicine, energy, and process engineering. Click here for details.

Research Fields: Nanofluidics, Nano Chemical Systems, Microfluidics, NanoBio Interfaces, Biomaterials, Analytical Chemistry, Nanomedicine, Single Molecule Chemistry, Single-Cell Omics, Nano Energy
Featured Keywords: Nano-in-Nano Integration, Digital Nanochannels (DN), Single-Molecule Regulated Chemistry (SMRC)
Other Keywords: Nanochannels, Nanofluidic Channels, Nanofluidic Devices (Chips), Microchannels, Microfluidic Channels, Microfluidic Devices (Chips), Microchips, Lab on a Chip, MicroTAS, Single Molecule, Single Cell

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