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2021.10.14今吉(M1),巌(M1),岡村(M1),松下(M1)がAPT2021にてExcellent Poster Awardを受賞

今吉(M1),巌(M1),岡村(M1),松下(M1)がAPT2021にてExcellent Poster Awardを受賞しました。

受賞発表題目:“Continuous measuring of die wall pressure for studying the effect of compression speed”
発表者:Yusuke Imayoshi, Shuji Ohsaki, Hideya Nakamura, Satoru Watano

発表題目:“Solid-electrolyte/graphite composite particle for all-solid-state lithium ion battery”
発表者:Motoshi Iwao, Risa Sakurai, Hideya Nakamura, Eiji Hayakawa, Shuji Ohsaki, Satoru Watano

受賞発表題目:“Enhancement of cell membrane permeability by utilizing weak external electric field with charged nanoparticles”
発表者:Takumi Okamura, Hideya Nakamura, Ryuji Kawano, Mikiyoshi Sato, Shuji Ohsaki, Satoru Watano

発表題目:“Effect of hold-up on granulated physical properties in twin-screw extrusion granulation system”
発表者:Miu Matsushita, Shuji Ohsaki, Hideya Nakamura, Satoru Watano