Research Areas

We are experts in Powder Handling Processes. 

Powder, which is composed of a large number of small particles, is a key material for many kinds of products such as pharmaceutical products, foods, cosmetics, ceramics, electronic devices, batteries, and so on. This means that “Everything is from powder”.

Although powder can be classified into solid matter, powder often shows fluid-like (gas and liquid-like) behaviors depending on how to handle the powder. Moreover, in many industrial sectors raw powder materials are recently getting smaller and smaller (ranging to nano scale) due to requirements for advanced products with new and higher functionalities. These make it difficult to produce powder-related products. Therefore, research on powder science and technology is very important subject.

We are mainly working on powder handling processes. The figure below shows our research areas. Our research areas cover a wide range of topics from basic sciences to industrial applications and from nano scale to manufacturing scale.